A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed, and is, thereby, a true manifestation of what one feels about life in it's entirety. . . I believe in photography as one means of achieving an ultimate happiness and faith! - Ansel Adams

Friday, 27 March 2009

Those were the days

Though the picture was taken only recently (from my 7th floor apartment), it brings back the memories of those days when union strikes were commonplace and workers would nonchalantly play cards outside the factory gate.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

On the waterfront

This one's a view straight out of Nicholas Sparks' romantic novel! This photo has been taken from the deck of Estuary Island Resort near Kovalam in Kerala. The resort derives its name from the fact that it is located on a private island close to the confluence point of Arabian sea, a lake and a river. The resort, which has excellent amenities, is a must visit for the romantically inclined.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Men at work

Men working in an under-construction building - shot taken from the confines of my room. The glow of the incandescent bulb, dark surroundings and human silhouettes make for an interesting abstract picture.
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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Would u hire him?

This room (open door) is where we were staying on a recent religious trip. When we returned, post a sumptuous lunch, we found the floor guard in deep slumber...not even the yellings of the manager would stir him!

Panchayat members in a huddle

Members of the local Panchayat (local governance system) have gone into a huddle....jury is still out...decision appears imminent!

Bird in hand

Always wanted to capture birds...am no bird freak...but they have interesting features & great colours...making a modest beginning with an Oriental Magpie Robin!


The light bulb captured through the mesh on the ventilation, with complete darkness outside, makes for an interesting abstract photo.

The morning train

Early morning (6 AM) shot of the Vikram Garh Alot station in Madhya Pradesh.


Fires against a dark backdrop make for interesting pictures. Here along with dried Ashoka leaves, the picture appears almost perfect.


Yellow painted walls of this dharamshala (religious rest place) appear to converge in infinity thereby making an interesting abstract photo.

Mischievous kid

Mother, who works as a sweeper, tries to remove dirt from the kid's mouth. The kid was acting naughty, crying, throwing tantrums...

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Colours of India

This shot of the Indian Ocean at the time of sunset captures some of the various colours that make India.

Hullo there, did I bother u?

The crab is visibly irritated on being perhaps disturbed from his siesta.

And miles to go before I reach

The road appears almost limitless...the sights on either side keep one entertained throughout the journey!

Paddy fields

The rice crop was not quite ready...but looks beautiful nonetheless.

Winds of change

Sand blowing across the beach due to breeze.

Apostle of Peace

This is a shot of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari. The place is one of the must visits in India. Note that the last boat to the memorial leaves at around 4 pm....so make sure you reach in good time.

Guardian of last resort

While walking out of the virgin Kondivli beach in Shrivardhan we were saying to each other "kutta bhi nahin hai yahan" (not even a dog strays over here)...and the next moment we spotted this faithful animal.

Barge in

A barge floating in the Savitri river that separates the district of Raigad (where I stand) from Ratnagiri (hills). Barges are a popular mode of transportation over there - people, vehicles, goods, animals, et al.

Last man standing

A shot (featuring Little Cormorant) taken while travelling in the house boat in Allapuzah (Allepey).

A walk to remember

A walk in the Eravikulam National Park is truly one to remember given the breath-taking visuals all around. The park is known for the presence of Nilgiri Tahr goat (blogged earlier) and is a must visit for people travelling to Munnar.

Dancing graffiti

This graffiti depicts a Kathakali dancer. Kathakali is a classical South Indian dance-drama form, noted for its attractive make-up of characters.

Where oceans collide

This picture has been taken at the spot where the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean collide!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Arabian Sunset

Sun setting over the vast expanse of the Arabian sea during spring. Lapse of concentration on my part resulted in me missing the sun sinking into the sea :(

Rock on!

Such and many other splendid rock formations exist in Harihareshwar behind the Bhairav temple. In any other country they would have been blown out of proportion and marketed like no other place.


Dunno what the species is. Would be glad if someone could enlighten me. Spotted it at a nursery.

Its play time

Activities on the beach are simply unlimited (as also seen in earlier posts).

Quite a gusher this one

Almost feels like sparkling white wine on the flow. We spotted this one by the roadside while touring Kerala.

Back home, but no one seems happy :(

People disembarking from a ferry, a rag picker, and camel along with his master all head back home after a day's work. Their walk appears dejected, providing a melancholic tinge to the photos.

Fevicol Bond

Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge...

Wish I were a fisherman (2)

A place as azure blue, pristine and clean and used largely by fishermen - who says life is fair?
Picured above is the Kovalam Beach in Kerala, which is about 20 odd Kms from the capital city of Trivandrum.

Chinese Fishing Nets

Never knew Chinese could make inroads even in the traditional fishing business. Origins of the term aside, a single net requires about 6-10 people to operate and the number of fishes caught is fewer than those caught by fishermen in dirty waters of Mumbai!!! These can be seen at Cochin.


A beautiful sight which we came across while touring Kerala - I think while driving from Munnar to Periyar. It's a snap taken from roadside. Nature in all its colours and hues. Look at the hills in the distance with a violet-ish surface...almost surreal!

Homely sunset

This shot was taken from my house during the winter season. One can spot the silhouette of Yogi Hills in the lower half of the picture.

Peshwa Smarak

Statue of Balaji Vishwanath Peshwa at Shrivardhan in Raigad. This area is considered to be the seat of the Peshwas (legendary warriors of Maratha empire) and the statue has been established as a mark of respect. Though the place is in ruins and decrepit, it's worth a visit...also its close to the virgin Kondivli beach. Shrivardhan is covered as part of the trinity - Dive Agar, Harihareshwar, Shrivardhan - located about 200 odd kms south of Mumbai.

Come on, my boy!

Captured on the Dive Agar beach in Konkan (Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra) in the evening. 

Cave Dwellers!

Folks enjoying some splending rock formations on the sea-front at Harihareshwar in Raigad.

Lake Placid

The Kodai Lake looks mesmerising closer to sunset. Despite the popularity of Kodaikanal as a hill station, it is like any other lake-based hill station (Nainital, Mount-Abu, etc.) and has nothing new to offer. The only enjoyable experience was the ride on a tandem bicycle around the periphery of the lake.

Pump priming?

Mumbaikars may be perplexed at the amount of effort being put behind roasting corn. This is corn Kerala ishtyle!

Sundown on real estate sector?

Perhaps capturing the mood of the times, this photo is that of the sun setting behind an under-construction building (as seen from my house).
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