A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed, and is, thereby, a true manifestation of what one feels about life in it's entirety. . . I believe in photography as one means of achieving an ultimate happiness and faith! - Ansel Adams

Friday, 14 January 2011

Picture of the day: Hired cooks!

Men who toil to make our festivals sweet... all with a smile on their face, never mind the sweat and the grime! Clicked during the middle of last year.

Wish you all a very happy Makar Sankranti :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Rewind: A photographic journey through 2010

Malshej Ghat: Pimpalgaon Joge Lake - Sunset time (Panorama)
Sunset at Pimpalgaon Joga Lake, Malshej Ghat

The year 2010 may have come to an end, but the time to look back and enjoy some of the great moments of 2010 has only just begun! The advantage a photographer has is that he / she can capture those moments and present them with his / her own unique perspective.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Malshej Ghat, the Prince of Sahyadris! - a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai!

Malshej Ghat, view from the plateau

Not many would believe it, but Mumbai is still a blessed place! As Mumbaikars we are indeed privileged to have places like Malshej Ghat at a driving distance of only 3 hours.
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