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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ovalekar Wadi - abode of the butterflies (Part 2)

Common Jezebel Butterfly
Common Jezebel Butterfly

Our second outing at Ovalekar Wadi (read about the place and our first trip here) also proved to be somewhat of a damp squib. The light, though, was excellent this time around. But, the chill in the morning resulted in the butterflies taking a bit too long to wake up from their slumber and busy themselves with the task of looking out for breakfast!

Drops of Pearl

Nonetheless we managed to sight the following butterflies: Great Orange-tip, Common Jezebel, Common Bush Brown, Common Sailor, Skipper, etc. We also got some nice macro shots of flowers (with dew drops), caterpillar, dragonfly, etc. I guess we will need more outings to be able to explore the near 100 species of butterflies that can be seen at Ovalekar Wadi.

For a slide show of complete set of pictures from Ovalekar Wadi-II, please click here.



Rajesh said...

Wow! beautiful.

Mandar said...

Amazing! I have lived in Thane for 10 years and never knew about this place. Your photos are really beautiful and I will visit Ovalekar wadi this week.

The Legend Returns said...

@Mandar: Thanks for your comment. You should visit it :)

joshi daniel said...

some excellent close-ups with good lighting!

kp said...

beautiful photos, beautiful site.

The Legend Returns said...

@kp: Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for those kind words of encouragement!

Anonymous said...

hey gr88 pics...loved them...
hey is ovalekar park open on all days??


The Legend Returns said...

@Rishi - I am glad you liked the pictures! Thanks so much :) Yes, Ovalekar Wadi is open on all days! We have been visiting it on Sundays only!

Anonymous said...


You are a very good artist and your photos made my day.

Thanks so much for sharing them!


The Legend Returns said...

It is always a pleasure to share tales and pictures of places I visit. Thanks for those wonderful words :)

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